Helimagnets by disorder: Its role on the high-temperature magnetic spiral in the YBaCuFeO5 perovskite
Arnau Romaguera, Xiaodong Zhang, Oscar Fabelo, Francois Fauth, Javier Blasco and José Luis García-Muñoz
Phys. Rev. Research  4, 043188 (2022) [18pp]                    

Structural and magnetic properties of Ca3Mn2-xRuxO7 (0<x≤0.9)
J. Blasco, J.A. Rodríguez-Velamazán, J. L. García-Muñoz, V. Cuartero, S. Lafuerza,  G. Subías
Physical Review B 106, 134403 (2022) [12pp]                              

Magnetic properties of a highly ordered single crystal of the layered perovskite YBaCuFe0.95Mn0.05O5
Xiaodong Zhang, Arnau Romaguera, Felip Sandiumenge, Oscar Fabelo, Javier Blasco, Javier Herrero-Martín and José Luis García-Muñoz
J. Magn. Magn. Mater.  551 (2022) 169165 [7pp]                        

Magnetic order and magnetic properties of the oxygen deficient SmBaMn2O5 layered perovskite
J. Blasco, J.A. Rodríguez-Velamazán, G. Subías, M.C. Sánchez and J. L. García-Muñoz
Mater. Res. Bull. 150 (2022) 111780 [7pp]                                 

Magnetoelastic coupling behaviour of nanocrystalline ε-Fe2O3
C.R.S. Haines, M. Gich, J.L. García-Muñoz, A. Romaguera, Z. Ma, M.B. Costa, M.A. Carpenter
J. Magn. Magn. Mater. 170240  (2022) [16 pp]                                 

Antisite defects and chemical expansion in low damping – high magnetization yttrium iron garnet films
J. Santiso, C. García, C. Romanque, L. Henry, N. Bernier, N. Bagués, J. Manuel Caicedo, M. Valvidares, F. Sandiumenge
ChemNanoMat e202200495 (2022)                               

Extending the novel |ρ|-based phasing algorithm to the solution of anomalous scattering substructures from SAD data of protein crystals
Jordi Rius and Xavier Torrelles
Acta Crystallogr. A78 (2022) 473-481                                

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