Structural properties and singular phase transitions of metallic Pr0.50Sr0.50CoO3 cobaltite


Jessica Padilla-Pantoja, José Luis García-Muñoz, Bernat Bozzo, Zdeněk Jirák and Javier Herrero-Martín

Inorganic Chemistry 53, 12297−12304 (2014)  

The Pr0.50Sr0.50CoO3 perovskite exhibits unique magnetostructural properties among the rest of the ferromagnetic/metallic Ln0.50Sr0.50CoO3 compounds. We have determined and described its structural evolution, which follows the Pm3̅m → R3̅c → Imma → I4/mcm transformations. The Imma → I4/mcm symmetry change is responsible for the second magnetic transition and the reported “two-step magnetic ordering”.

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